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9 April 1986
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802.11b, [adult swim], air conditioners, aqua teen hunger force, bass, bene gesserit, big hot ham, bloodhound gang, bowling, brawndo, burritos, c++, cacti, captain murphy, car computers, cellphones, cheese, chinese food, cindy salsa, coffee, college, computers, concerts, cooking, cylons, daleks, dance dance revolution, dead like me, demon days, demotivational posters, digital cameras, dogs, donnie darko, dr who, drama, driving, family guy, faygo, fire, firefly, food, free stuff, friends, games, girls, gps, ham radio, hardcore ass pounding, harry potter, ice, invader zim, irrational numbers, italian food, jeri ryan, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, karma, lots of cheese, magical trevor, marilyn manson, mc chris, metal gear solid, milkshakes, money, monster drink, monty python, movies, mp3s, music, noodles, omg hax, omnipotency, organized chaos, orgy, parties, penny arcade, philosophy, phone losers of america, phones, photoshop, piracy, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, plotting, pod six, pornography, prank calls, procrastination, programming, psychology, rabbit robots, randomness, regular hot ham, river tam, robot rabbits, school, sci-fi, science fiction, sealab 2021, serenity, sex, siberian huskies, sleep, sleeping, snuggling, social engineering, solitaire, soup, speeding tickets, spicy food, spoiling people, spork, star wars, staying out late, taco bell, taking it easy, talk radio, techno, that 70's show, the borg, the clown, the doctor, the emperor, the master, the stonecutters, the tardis, things that go zoom, timelords, tom servo, toothpaste, trogdor, twiztid, unleaded gasoline, walking, walks in the park, walmart self checkouts, wasting money, wireless lans, women, xbox modding, zaphod beeblebrox

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